Mary Woronov relashionship art

He said the Kennedy's did it with Marylyn Monroe. That was the biggest argument, that and that kings and queens used to do it all the time, although he wasn't sure which kings or queens. He had been on about this all night, and Doris was beginning to lose track of what she really felt. At first she thought the idea of fucking his best friend was an insult, but now she just wanted to make him like her again, and it didn't seem like a hard thing to do. She knew it wouldn't take long because the girl who used to go with his friend was always complaining that he did it like a rabbit. When he started getting mad at her and calling her a wimp and saying how she didn't care what he wanted, how it would make him look bad if she didn't do like he said, and how it was obvious that she really didn't love him, she knew she was going to do it – she just wanted to be all right again.

It wasn't until after she had let his best friend come all over her that she knew she had lost him forever, that he would never like her again, nobody would. She cleaned herself up and acted like she had had a great time, but things were different now. Now there was an edge to her voice that didn't used to be there, and there was someone else who didn't like her, someone far more important than all the others, someone who lived inside her skin.

Mary Woronov

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