Georges Lebar Bull art

In a series of paintings called “The Minotaur”, George Lebar draws inspiration from Taoism and Greek mythology. The monster represents the masculinity, testosterone, evil, and man's attempt to gain mastery over his mind, and the origins of his raging emotions and unbridled tendencies toward destructive behavior.

George LeBar most identifies with red, as it embodies a certain dichotomy, symbolizing pain, love, anger, and a fiery passion. Within this realm of great emotional conflicts, LeBar finds that the paintings reveal his ongoing struggle with a need to create his own world, versus being at peace with the world as it is. The process of LeBar's work is one of building up and stripping away, again and again. He combines traditional oil paints with many different mediums including charcoal, enamels, industrial paints, and several layers of varnishes. “The Minotaur” series is a moving and powerful representation of this process. The unafraid use of color gives the work it's emotional charge, and his bold choices are full of movement and gusto.

Georges Lebar
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