Leo Scopacasa Spirit art

The ideology behind the work denotes the belief that the entire physical world, including humanity, nature, the earth, the cosmos, and multiple dimensions are supported by a network of energetics that is Spirit. Spirit is the interconnecting source that unifies all life to a divine cosmic consciousness. Love being the evolving force within one's life, is the avenue in which to consciously experience this sacred connection.

This art piece depicts arch-angel Gabriel in recognition of a radiant buddha sitting within a golden shrine surrounded by tremendous living crystals. The setting is that of cold winter within the deep of the forest. This is metaphorically presenting the idea that radiant sacred life is found everywhere, even in places one might consider to be lifeless. Symbolically, this refers to the divine buddha found within each person. Awareness of this reality is of importance. To the side sits a gentle cherub lovingly watching the beautiful encounter.

The visual that is the art piece itself, is secondary to the energetic intention behind its generation. The intention of the work is that it gently stimulates the viewer's awareness of their own spirituality. Through colour, form, and concept a vehicle is created to carry an energetic consciousness that emanates from the work itself.

Leo Scopacasa
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