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Ethical Music Sharing

There are a multitude of online sites and applications designed to copy or exchange music between people free of charge. There has been more than one law suit due to the impact of revenue loss to the artists, who by the way, must actually earn a living and continue the creative process of producing more music (I guess just singing doesn't feed the kids). Massive copying of albums and music is not just illegal, but is detrimental to the musicians and the industry and should not be condoned. As traditional record stores are now closing, online music purchasing is the main revenue stream for artist and producers.

I have included both free audio streaming, and free downloading of music from my site. My purpose is not to thwart the artist or art industry, but to actually benefit the listener and music industry in general. My belief is that by exposing a wide range of musical styles and groups to a large audience, the listener will be motivated to explore and purchase the artists material both locally and nationally. The musical offerings on this site are compilations from various artist and include only one example from any particular artist. I can't imagine anyone not buying a U2 album because there is one U2 song on one of my compilations. I have also tried to select musicians and music that are not well known. Hopefully the listener will discover new groups or even musical styles that will engage and invigorate the curious of minds. Maybe you have heard of the Wombats, the Go-Betweens, or Remy Zero, but are not familiar Ryuichi Sakamoto, or Tri-State. Hopefully I have succeeded to introduce new and obscure compositions to enlighten as well as entertain.

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