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San Fransisco
San Francisco

San Francisco offers it all for worldly wise travelers and is the perfect destination for Europhiles. It is as continental as North America gets, featuring delightful Victorian architecture, scenic vineyards and an Amsterdam style dose of liberalism. San Francisco will reveal a number of iconic landmarks that really have to be experienced in person. The monumental Golden Gate Bridge is an unforgettable image, especially when blanketed by San Francisco Bay’s notorious fog. Alcatraz is another unmissable San Francisco attraction that will come to life like a Hollywood blockbuster with a dramatic and insightful guided tour. This compact city with great transport makes it one of the most navigable cities in the U.S.
Travelers have voted San Francisco the best restaurant city in the world. The CIty offers an incomparable selection of flavorful ethnic cuisines and of course theres the Caifornia wine selection! Fisherman's Wharf offers a wide choice of bay cruises, museums, amusements, an aquarium, theatres and fabulous seafood eateries. A San Francisco trip simply cannot miss out on a visit to the world’s most famous Chinatown district, a fabulous place to shop, eat and simply soak up the atmosphere.
The city is essentially a collection of very distinctive districts each with their own individual character. Perhaps the most famous of all is the bohemian hippy enclave of Haight Ashbury, still very much an eccentric melting pot. Don't forget a
visit to Pacific Heights and Nob Hill for glimpses of delightful Victorian mansions, set on incredibly steep inclines. This is also the place to savour spectacular views down to the Pacific Ocean. To get there you simply must hop on board one of the historic cable car trams which are as quintessentially San Francisco as Silicon Valley or China Town. Don't forget the many day trips which you can find in any direction you point to. I am not sure why, but San Francisco hotels are the cheapest of any major city in the U.S. Actually, once you get here you will find most things are very reasonably priced.

New York
New York
Manhattan offer an endlessly exhilarating roller coaster of sensations. New York has an energy and verve that thrills visitors from the moment they catch sight of that famous skyline. All first-time New York visits must include all the strangely familiar yet ultimately thrilling iconic sights: the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty and Broadway. Yet most visitors ultimately agree it is the extraordinarily diverse cultural and ethnic mix and the city’s sheer energy that makes short breaks in New York so memorable. Unexpected diversity, New York obviously cannot compete with destinations like Rome in terms of history and beauty, yet New York’s varied characterful architecture usually surprises first-time visitors expecting wall-to-wall modernity and non-stop towering skyscrapers. In fact New York City offer countless surprises and idiosyncrasies that run counter to preconceptions, even in the heart of the financial zone. It is the extraordinary diversity of the city’s neighborhoods that makes New York so enjoyable. Amazingly distinct areas like Greenwich Village, China Town, Soho, Tribeca, Chelsea, Harlem and Little Italy make New York city an endlessly fascinating, exhilarating and unexpectedly varied and challenging experience, especially for those who like to walk. Long weekend breaks in New York will have time to visit neighborhoods like Brooklyn and visit New York oddities like weirdly old-fashioned Coney Island. The transit system and close proximity of attractions make New York probably the easiest big city to navigate by foot or underground.
The incomparable cultural scene of the city features an overwhelming choice of wide-ranging cultural activities, with outstanding art galleries and museums and an incomparable theatre, live music and jazz scene. New York also features an astonishing choice of interesting shops, restaurants and cafes. New York weather is as varied and exciting as the city itself, making New York city breaks popular all year round. Winter and Christmas in New York are particularly memorable and will catch the city’s remarkable cultural scene at its most vibrant.

South Beach Miami

A nice winter choice especially in conjunction with Art Basel Miami (usually the first week in December). For a sunshine break with tropical beaches, great entertainment and a sultry Latin American atmosphere, look no further than Miami. The city is huge and covers a massive area of South Florida coastline and for visiting purposes can be easily divided into the vast downtown area and the barrier reef across the Biscayne Bay known simply as Miami Beach. The focus of a Miami weekend is usually centred on Miami Beach and the attractions, activities and facilities here ensure most people rarely head into downtown. Nights in Miami are hip, trendy and happening with a wonderfully lively Latino club scene, beach parties and bohemian bars aplenty.
A stroll down famous Ocean Drive in Miami Beach is a must and highlights iconic Art Deco architecture where every beachfront hotel is a vivid work of art. The beach itself is long and wide, stretching well beyond the city limits. There is a long boardwalk filled with masses of rollerbladers and joggers while the golden sands are equally jam packed with sun worshippers and games of soccer and beach volleyball. You can be active
in Miami with a wide choice of water sports, deep sea fishing trips or even hot air balloon rides over the Atlantic. 
For all the sophistication and style that characterizes Miami Beach, the real heart of the city lies downtown in Little Havana. This is one of the most colourful ethnic districts in the USA
, and offers an authentic slice of Latino life through its architecture, art, music, shopping, cuisine and animated nightlife. Miami is well catered for with a tremendous variety of fun attractions. There is the Miami MetroZoo and Seaquarium for starters, followed by the Jungle Island wildlife inspired theme park or kayaking, biking and hiking at Oleta River State Park. For a real one of a kind adventure, spend a day in the steamy swamps of the Everglades, easily accessible from central Miami.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the undisputed king of glitz and gambling. Known variously as the entertainment capital of the world or Sin City, Las Vegas is as uncompromising as city as you are ever likely to find. It epitomizes excess but has a charm all its own, where over-the-top glitz and Hollywood style show business has become almost an art form. First obvious are the Las Vegas bright neon lights of the famous strip, home to the world’s most extravagant casino hotels, many of which as self-contained resorts in their own right. Cost of a Las Vegas trip are relative, depending on how lucky you are on the roulette tables and slot machines, but that aside there are some great five star hotel deals to be found.
Perhaps surprisingly,
Las Vegas is particular family friendly with every major hotel offering a dizzying array of fun attractions in addition to gambling. Flagship properties such as Bellagio and MGM Grand provide onsite aquariums and mini zoos, art galleries, free nightly circus, magic and acrobatic shows and child friendly amusements. There are even rollercoaster rides or indoor sky diving and various eccentric ‘art’ installations to wonder at on a city break in Las Vegas such as public toilets made from fragments of the Berlin Wall. 
With sublime desert scenery just minutes from the city, why not spend a day out of town in the spectacular desert scenery of Nevada getting adventurous. Just west of the city is Red Rock Canyon, an ideal spot for hiking or rock climbing and less than an hour away, exciting winter sports are available at the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort. Perhaps the ultimate Las Vegas short break experience for many people is a daunting helicopter tour of the monumental Grand Canyon, one of the world’s true natural wonders.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles & Southern California

I added "Southern California" to this destination. The entire coast of California is something to behold. From LA you can traverse from Santa Barbra, Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Manhattan Beach, Redondo, Palos Verdes, down to Newport Beach and Laguna in a single day. And of course you have the famous estates of the rich and famous from Beverly Hills, to Brentwood. Also, this is an anytime destination because the weather is the best you can find in the United States.
Los Angels (City of Angels) is a diverse and vast urban sprawl that has had an equally large influence of modern popular culture. Much of the city is wholly familiar to most people, immortalized on film and TV from the millionaire mansions in the Hollywood Hills to the gangland ghettos of South Central. Los Angeles
is like a round the world trip in miniature. Its 18 million inhabitants speak over 100 languages and there are distinctive ethnic districts such as Little Tokyo, Thai Town, Little Armenia and even Little Gaza. It guarantees a colourful atmosphere with plenty of exotic shopping, dining and local festivities.
Getting around Los Angeles on public transport is rather complicated, so an organized LA city tour is the best bet, especially if time is short. Renting a car is another good choice. Most itineraries focus on the attractions of glamourous Hollywood and there is enough to see and do to fill a whole day and night. You
can peek into the homes of the rich and famous; see the iconic Hollywood sign, stroll along upscale Rodeo Drive and dance the night away in the fashionable clubs and bars of the Sunset Strip. Other notable attractions include the walk of fame at the Chinese Theatre and family favorites such as the Universal Studios tour and the Hollywood Wax Museum.
Art often takes a backseat to Hollywood excess and glamour, but there are numerous first class museums worth seeking out during weekends in Los Angeles. The very finest include the Getty Centre, considered the best in the country, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Los Angeles County Museum of Art, all of which offer free entry to visitors. An LA trip
should also take advantage of the sub-tropical climate and enjoy a vibrant beach culture. There are dozens of famous stretches of golden sand such as eccentric Venice Beach, perfect for curious people watchers and Redondo Beach makes for an active and thrilling day out for kids with a traditional pier filled with amusements and organized beach games.

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